Tuesday, January 8, 2008


We are waiting. We as a society are so impatient! I hate to generalize, but we see it where ever we go. Just before Christmas people were in such a hurry. If you are just a bit slow taking off when the light turns green horns will honk. Long lines at check outs often cause short tempers or at the least tapping feet and sighs. I am usually a pretty patient person. But right now, I am tired of waiting! I want to meet a new grandchild. I remember what that last couple of weeks of pregnancy felt like and I am sympathizing with my daughter. But babies will be born when the time comes. Not many go too far past due. It will happen....and I will try to remember to take pictures!

But for now I have one flower to show. It is the same colors as the turquoise and yellow flower but the colors are lightened, softened and I think it is sweet.
So for now I am striving to patiently wait.......... with anticipation.
blessings, ZudaGay

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