Monday, January 21, 2008

A Pearl of a Potter

I LOVE pottery!!!! That is my confession for today. I have always wanted to play in mud and I literally did throughout my childhood. But mud creations tend to melt when it rains. My senior year of high school I got to go to a "fine arts school" which was a part of my high school and there I actually got to play in the mud and have it fired. So potters are my secret idols and at times I have to deal with a bit of jealousy toward them for the fact that they get to play in the mud.

I met Pearl of Fehu Stoneware a few months ago through the Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team. I fell in love with her work....then when I got to "know" her I came to love Pearl as well. Just the thought of Pearl working at her wheel or firing raku in the snow wrapped in a blanket makes me smile. Pearl's pottery makes me covet! (my goodness, this post must be a time of confession!) Just look at these lovely pieces of art!!!

I love this one!! The glaze is gorgeous!!!
The crystalline glaze on this bowl is so pretty!!!

Raku, stars and wonderful crackling...can you get any better?

What is it about crackle that I like so much? Isn't this weed vase adorable?

"Fehu is a Rune of fulfillment: ambition, satisfied, love fulfilled,
rewards received.
It promises nourishment, from the most worldly to the sacred and divine."

Pearl works in her studio and lives with her family in the beautiful state of Colorado. Please, do yourself a favor and visit Fehu Stoneware.

blessings, ZudaGay


Sixsisters said...

Well done Zuda. A great piece on Pearl.

Puddle Duck said...

I have a few of Pearl's pieces now..they are sop beautiful :)

Puddle Duck said...

I meant 'so' not sop! Blimey.
And Gosh, sorry for gatecrashing and just barging in! Let me say HI to you, great blog and nice to meet you!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Pearl's work is gorgeous. What a beautiful feature, Zuda Gay!

Renee of Guiding Light Candles said...

I love that weed vase! Great feature Zuda.


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