Monday, September 26, 2011

I Won!! Part 1

One day someone posted a url on a Etsy team thread for a cool and different Etsy treasury so I went and took a look. It contained all kinds of samples from different shops that are a part of a unique shop called *Sampler Village. I looked at all the items featured and left a comment that I thought this was a cool idea not really thinking anything of it after that. Come to find out, this whole treasury was going to be given away to someone and I was that lucky someone!! I have had the best time opening all kinds of packages from all kinds of shops. I would like to share these shops as a part of my thank you to them for their generosity and for making me feel like a queen for a few days. :) *Sampler Village Shop offers monthly sampler boxes with an amazing variety of items from many different shops.

The first shop I want to share is Mammygram.Tracy is from Iowa and her shop contains a fun mix of cards, candy and a bit of jewelry but I think the most touching listing in her shop is the Mammygram which includes a group of encouraging cards each containing a little gift for women going through the "adventure" of breast cancer.

Tracy sent me TWO adorable Fight Like a Girl necklaces.  My 3 year old granddaughter was watching me open my packages and when she saw there were two necklaces she said, "Look, Gramma there is one for me!!" Of course, she was right. She LOVES her new necklace. Thank you Tracy!

The second shop is Daily Repose owned by Shelli in Texas featuring beautiful handcrafted eco-friendly soaps and candles. 

Shelli contacted me and let me pick the scent of soap I would like for her to send to me and I chose Green Tea scented. My soap came SO delightfully packaged in a darling little muslin bag and smells so lovely! Thank you Shelli!

The next package brings us to Pookaberry Candle Shop owned by Danielle from New Hampshire who makes the most adorable, yummy looking candles that smell as yummy as they look!

I opened my box and found this sweet candle that we thought smelled like candy corn but we lit it and it was pumpkin pie...yummm!  Thank you Danielle!

And last for now, but certainly not least....Goatie Girls Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions by Ginger and her flock of Goatie Girls from Arkansas . I chose Cherry Blossoms scent and I received a whole passel of beautiful products to sample. It was like digging out goodies from my Christmas Stocking! Lotions and soap and lip balm and sugar scrubs....oh my! The first thing you should know is, I adore goats. Goatie Girl product labels feature pictures of the goats who give their milk to make these lovely cute! 

These were just four of the boxes that I've received so far...stay tuned for more in the future! :)

blessings, Zuda Gay

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday CAST Finds...

I was perusing the newly listed items by the Etsy castteam and these are the cute fall items that caught my eye. (don't you love the word peruse?)

Autumn Leaves Essential Apron by Stitch Princess

 Dish Towel Fall Leaves Applique by Leah's Heart

Repurposed Vintage Hand Embroidered Pillow by AdaJane

Felt Flower Headband by Elna Designs

Pumpkin Velvet Brown by Chocolate Dog Studio

Historic Adobe Building ACEO by Laurel Photo and Craft

Lovely items, yes? 
I hope you enjoyed them.

Blessings, ZudaGay

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Winner is....

I am late! I thought of the giveaway when we got home from church and then I ended up taking a nap at around 2pm and slept until after 5pm and my brain hasn't been I slept through the time I set and then forgot.  Nothing like being over five hours late. :)

So, without further stalling, the winner is Emily from Bookmarks N Bangles. Congratulations, Emily!!

blessings, Zuda

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Giveaway!

 I LOVE that the evenings are getting cooler and that hint of autumn is in the air. The skies are SO blue and I have to say that Fall ties for my second favorite time of the year. This is an easy-peasy giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment making sure that I have a way to get a hold of you if you win.

This autumny pendant is the gift I'm offering this time around, it is about 2" across and has a cute little brown button center and is hangning on a hand-twisted cord and a hand dyed ribbon from Abby & Ellie. A perfect way to show your fall colors.

I will pick a winner using the random number finder on Sunday, September 18 at around 4:00 pm Illinois time.

blessings, Zuda

Friday, September 2, 2011

One Word

I stole this off of another blog. I guess this has been going around and it has been a long time since I did a meme...are they still called that? This may be hard because I can rarely do one of anything.

Yourself: Blessed
Your husband: Faithful
Your hair: Brown
Your Mother: Example
Your Father: Love
Your Favorite Item: Guitar
Your Favorite Drink: Jasmine-Green-Tea
Your Dream Car: 1956 Red Corvette
Your Dream Home: Roomy
The Room You Are In: Living-room (hyphenated counts, right?)
Your fear: Drowning
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? Here
Who you hung out with last night: Danny
What You’re Not: Organized
One of Your Wish List Items: Unity
Time: Sevenish
The Last Thing You Did: Supper
What You Are Wearing: Turquoise
Your favorite weather: Snow!
Your Favorite Book: Bible
Last thing you ate: BLT
Your Life: Mature
Your mood: Sleepy
Your Best Friends: Daughters
Your car: Dodge-truck
Your summer: HOT!
Relationship status: Married!
What is on your TV: History
When is the last time you laughed: Today


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