Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ever So Lovely with Ever So Dear

The second in my Featured Artist Series is a jewelry artist whom I met through two of the Etsy street teams I am in, CAST and BBEST. (Christian Artist Street Team and Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team)

Diane from Vermont is Ever So Dear. She makes lovely pieces of wearable art with unique and carefully selected elements. I will let you read what she says in her profile about her designs:

"Art & it's many mediums have always been an important part of me. I love creating! - it's as simple as that.

Although I have taken many courses in art during high school & college, I am primarily a self-taught jewelry designer & artisan.

I love the process of playing with colors & textures, mixing natural organic elements with a bit of Swarovski, & trying new directions.

I have been making jewelry for just over 10 years now, & have been selling my jewelry creations to shops in VT & CT.

Whether I make the piece beautiful & refined, artistic & edgy or sweet & whimsical,
I want to make you smile & even make your heart sing!

Living here in Vermont with my husband; I can't help but be in awe at all the glorious beauty that God has made! I am thankful for the wonderful gift of His creation. With each piece I make, I am thankful for all of His blessings including sight & touch! And with each piece, I really do pray, that you will be blessed too! :)"

I had such a hard time selecting just a few items to share in this post. There are so many of Diane's designs that I just love!!! So please!!! go visit her shop and see for yourself these beautiful creations of this very lovely woman!!!!

Feel exotic in these Moroccan Sunset Earrings
All the components of this Jewels of the Forest Bracelet are perfect!
I love the blacks and reds and silver in Madames Midnight Dream...Yummy!
This is my favorite, I think....although there are a couple of others that are close seconds.
Nesting Necklace....perfect combo with a theme!

Nesting Necklace, back

When you browse through Ever So Dear, be sure to click on all the photos or you will miss the details. And, it is all in the details!!!

blessings, ZudaGay


joonbeam said...

Thank you Zuda. I love the article and her creations. It is hard to choose but I think I love the Jewels of the Forest bracelet the most. Thanks for introducing your talented friend to us. ox madi joon

Anonymous said...

You have featured some lovely pieces from an interesting artist, Zuda. I especially like Madames Midnight Dream.

Attack of the Vintage said...

Great job! I really love the earrings. Of course that is what I wear the most.

Nicole said...

really neat. i think my favorite is the same as yours, and it's great to see people of faith infusing their work in that way.

eversodear said...

Zuda, Thank you so very much for doing a feature on me! I am truly honored & deeply touched that you asked me!! Blessings & Thanks!, Diane :)


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