Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Am Honored and Blessed!

I am thrilled and honored to be a featured artist on the World Artisan Gems blog! They contacted me and then sent me questions to answer. Please go and have a look at the amazing jewelry designers and bead artists they have featured. It is a joy and inspiration to browse through their site.

The second honor I received recently is a lovely award passed on to me by my sweet friend, Sharon from Mana Moon Studios.

For the Bloggy Goodness Award the rules are:
1. Post a copy on your blog
2. Mention who gave you the award
3. Pass the award on to 6 others
4. Leave a message on their blog letting them know
the honor has been bestowed upon them.
I will try to choose six blogs that I would like to honor when I have the time, but I wanted to get this much accomplished.

Blessings, ZudaGay


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