Monday, March 23, 2015

February Take Me Deeper

In the month of February all of our lessons and journal prompts were about love.  Love is also my Logos 365 word for the year so there was a lot of love on my pages.  The first one is my calendar and logos page for the month. The logos page has a definition of love from a sermon. "Love is a decision of the mind to meet the needs of others for their good, whether they accept or appreciate it or not." So often I have not acted loving toward someone when I knew that they wouldn't appreciate my efforts.  You love to love, not for a "reward".

The first week our study was about God's love and used John 3:16 as the focus verse. I collaged a world, a heart and a cross with the scripture on the top. On the other side of the page I used the words to one of my favorite songs to sing to myself, "How He Loves".

 Week 2 was about loving God. Love the Lord your God with all of you...heart, soul, mind, and strength. I played with Gelatos a bit for the background, then I wrote the words of the verse on cardstock, painted and collaged them on the page and doodled around the words.  The girl had some problems and I ended up having to repaint her face about 3 times.  The first one was the best, but I'm learning how different mediums work with others and some don't work together. Hopefully I can remember the lessons I learned from this page

Week 3 was about loving yourself.  I kind of struggled with this one, not because I have trouble loving myself, but because I think that sometimes too much emphasis is put on self.  I went with becoming a new creation when we are in Christ because He makes all things new.  I used a butterfly because of the metamorphosis of its life symbolizes a complete change. 

Week 4 was on loving others and is definitely something I am working on this year. I made the most important thing to be the center of the page because I really can't do this love thing on my own, I have to love God and rely on His strength to Love others. I used expanding lines to show how love should grow exponentially. This page isn't finished as I will keep adding names around the heart.

Many blessings, Zuda Gay

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

His Kingdom Come

To help kick start my creativity I participated in an online art journal workshop in October (I think) called Kingdom Come.  I really love the idea of multi-medium art and this workshop not only offered lessons in different mediums but was also a Bible study. :)  A win-win....and it was free at the time. I enjoyed the whole process very much.  Then in November I joined an Advent group and altered a book into an Advent art journal using a lot of what I had learned in the previous workshop as well as some things I gleaned from Youtube videos.  Gotta love the generous artists who put tutorials on Youtube! The Kingdom Come workshop creator Shonna from Twisted Figures got together with the ladies who offered the Advent studies Diane Marra from Adore Him Creations and Bernice Hopper from Newly Creative and a few other artist started a Christian artist community called His Kingdom Come. (If you are interested in learning more, you may click the "I'm a member of His Kingdom Come" button on the right)  In this community are different medium groups that a person may participate in. I am doing the year long Take Me Deeper Bible study/journal prompt group as well as I have a word that I am focusing on for 2015 in the Logos365 group. My word is LOVE.  I hope to not only create meaningful art (at least to me) throughout the year, but truly dig deeper and go deeper in my spiritual life.  Some of the pages I have done so far I have been pleased with and some - well not so much, but that is the learning process. The following two pages are my favorite ones for the month of January.  The first one is all about the grace, about the grace... Actually the theme for the week was Transform Vulnerably.

 Transform Faithfully was the theme for week 4 in January.  I looked up the flower that means faithful and it was Jasmine. I put Jasmine flowers on my page along with some lyrics from the Hymn Great Is Thy Faithfulness.

I don't really remember the supplies I used for these pages but both are put together with a variety of papers, paints, inks, stencils and stamps.

blessings, Zuda Gay

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

To Spritz or To Spatter...That is My Question

Announcement! I have reopened my Etsy Shop and have had my first sale! Yay!!! So far I am just relisting items that I let expire when I put my shop to sleep. It was a longer sleep than I was planning on....but it is now awake. 

I have been playing with some art journaling, water colors, and mixed medium pieces. I have been having a lot of fun experimenting and having great fun! The thing that I have the most problem with is getting myself to stop playing before I go too far and I am not happy with the result of something. But that is all part of playing and experimenting - to get to know how things look. I scanned this water-colored pen doodle.
I was pretty happy with it as is...but, I love spattered things.  I used to do some wood finishing and I loved to spatter specks of varnish on some pieces to give a bit of depth and ummmm grunge. So I spattered.
I am not so happy with the result, and it cannot be removed. What I used is a mixture of a brown color (I can't remember the name of the color right now) of Twinkling H2Os mixed with water and put into a spritz bottle.  It makes such a fine mist and I just don't really like the look of the hundreds of specks....I like the look of spatters.  SO...I now know that I would much rather spatter with a paint brush than spritz. 

I spritzed this piece...and although I do like the way it turned out, I would have liked it better with spatters.

 This last spattered.  I like spatters!
The new supplies I am playing with are: Twinkling H2O water colors.  Color yummyness in little pots. Gelatos....still playing to figure them out. Pastels, chalk and oils.  And Ranger Distress Ink pads.

Many Blessings,  Zuda Gay

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One Thing You Can Be Sure Of

Change will come!  My last post was the end of December....and now it is almost the middle of June!  I'm still not doing much creating, at least in clay.  All areas of life have opportunities to be creative. So my shop remains asleep and I have no idea whether it will wake up or not, but I'm not going to worry about it.  I haven't participated in the Creative Everyday Challenge...(well, because see above) The Dee Brestin book, Idol Lies was great and spiritually I am doing well. Our minister asked me the other day how I was doing and I said: "Actually....I am doing well!"  And I have lost 15 pounds, almost without trying.  I changed doctors which led to a change in high blood pressure meds, I got sick with a summer cold/flu? and didn't feel like eating for about two weeks, I started a second job that is physically demanding and is also during the evening hours.  All in that order.  I thought that my jeans were getting baggy so I got on the scale and had lost 15 pounds in less than a month. Wow! And the exercise part...well, the new job is physical and I have been mowing the grass.  Mowing is NOT my favorite job, but Danny just can't do it.  I mow awhile, rest, mow, rest, mow, rest...and finally I am done.  Oh, and our yard isn't very large. I am trying to get it down to just two rotations of mow and rest.

I want to share this very touching video of a granddaughter speaking at her grandfather's memorial service:
Dallas Williard memorial by Larissa Willard.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

This has been an interesting year in many aspects. I have come to the conclusion that I am stuck in some bad habits and I need to get unstuck from them and get my feet firmly planted in some new and good things.  I have struggled with creating for my shop this year, so as of now it is empty and will sit in limbo for a time.  I have decided to participate in Creative Every Day Challenge and see if I can refresh my creativity.  I will try to do regular posts showing what happens.  My daughter bought Dee Brestin's book Idol Lies .  Dee has put a free study guide and lesson videos on her site HERE. How generous is that? I was so sure that I don't struggle with idol worship in my life, but HA! after watching the first video... I do believe I have fooled myself.  I am going to join Jessica and see what idols I have that need to be slain.  The other bad habits I have acquired lie mainly in the physical part of my being. Ummm, pretty much the usual New Year's Resolutions of 1. lose weight and 2. exercise.  So although I will probably not say much here about this last part, I feel maybe I may stick to it a bit stronger if I put it in writing. I want to lose around 25 pounds and get back into the walking that I have so easily ignored for months. 

Are you planning on making changes this brand new year of 2013? If so, what are they?

blessings, Zuda Gay

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some Christmas Joys

An adorable video of children telling the Story: 

I think Flash Mobs are the coolest thing!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me! Giveaway part 3

Updated for WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT 12/15/12
#4 was the number drawn and the corresponding comment is Cheri from Lil Stinker Designs  Congrats, Cheri!

Thank you to everyone for the lovely Birthday greetings!

The three winners from the last giveaway who get a $15 shop credit with free shipping are......

1. Tessa from Colours & Textures   Yay!! Tessa!
2. Pam from Bags and More by Pam  WooHoo!!  Pam!
3. Nelly from Nelly With Wings   Yipeee!! Nelly!

My last giveaway for this party is in celebration of my birthday. Since I already got a fabulous gift of a Kindle Fire from my family (which is so cool and I love)  I am giving this brand new, hot out of the oven necklace.  You have through October 12th to leave a comment on this post. I will announce the winner on Saturday the 13th. If you have already won, you may enter again if you want to.

This is a rusty red, cream and burgundy color combo which is strung on a beaded cream crochet cord and a burgundy ribbon. A gorgeous silver/burgundy button creates the center of this lovely flower.

blessings, ZudaGay


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