Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One Thing You Can Be Sure Of

Change will come!  My last post was the end of December....and now it is almost the middle of June!  I'm still not doing much creating, at least in clay.  All areas of life have opportunities to be creative. So my shop remains asleep and I have no idea whether it will wake up or not, but I'm not going to worry about it.  I haven't participated in the Creative Everyday Challenge...(well, because see above) The Dee Brestin book, Idol Lies was great and spiritually I am doing well. Our minister asked me the other day how I was doing and I said: "Actually....I am doing well!"  And I have lost 15 pounds, almost without trying.  I changed doctors which led to a change in high blood pressure meds, I got sick with a summer cold/flu? and didn't feel like eating for about two weeks, I started a second job that is physically demanding and is also during the evening hours.  All in that order.  I thought that my jeans were getting baggy so I got on the scale and had lost 15 pounds in less than a month. Wow! And the exercise part...well, the new job is physical and I have been mowing the grass.  Mowing is NOT my favorite job, but Danny just can't do it.  I mow awhile, rest, mow, rest, mow, rest...and finally I am done.  Oh, and our yard isn't very large. I am trying to get it down to just two rotations of mow and rest.

I want to share this very touching video of a granddaughter speaking at her grandfather's memorial service:
Dallas Williard memorial by Larissa Willard.


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