Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October Take Me Deeper

October has been a month of review....a Review of the studies from the first 5 months of the year. I decided that I wanted to try something different for my pages to unite them. Bernice Hopper from Newly Creative shared a technique that I wanted to try in which she cut the edges of the pages in her journal in waves causing the pages to be different widths. You may read her blog post about this technique here.  I used various sizes of semi-circles drawn on my pages and then cut them out. I then prepped the pages with gesso and painted them all in similar ways using the same color combination.
Week 1 was from January (you may see a couple of my January pages here) with the theme of Transformed by the Renewing of My Mind. The ways I am to be transformed are Willingly, Vulnerably, Submissively, Faithfully and Purposefully. I painted various plants to decorate my page with the thought that plants start out as a seed and are transformed to become a beautiful plant.

Week 2 was from February (you may see my February pages here) with the theme of Love. I drew hearts with a ribbon holding them together.

Week 3 was from March (you may see my March pages here) with the theme of Journey To the Cross. I changed it up a bit with this page and didn't do a review of each week. I used some of the lyrics from the song "Lead Me To the Cross" on the left page and painted a cross using a credit card and various colors of paint.

Week 4 was a review of the lessons from April. (you may see my April pages here) The theme of April's lessons were about Resurrection and New Life.  I had no ideas of what to do on this page so I just started painting circles with rings so they had outward rings and and inward rings to go with the scripture I chose.

Week 5 was a review of May which focused on Sanctuary. (you may see my May pages here) For this page I made a stencil from a lady silhouette from a dingbat set from Dafont. Then I printed the text I wanted to include onto parchment paper and glued into my journal.

My LOVE page for October is a patchwork. One of these days I may learn how to write in a straight line. ha!

May the Lord bless and keep you!
Zuda Gay Pease


Anonymous said...

All of these for October are wonderful. :)

Teresa Arsenault said...

These pages are beautiful. I love how you cut them in semi circles.

Diane said...

great review of your going deeper with God, thanks for being part of HKC.


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