Saturday, July 4, 2015

June Take Me Deeper

June....the year is half over! I need to ask myself how am I doing with the commitments I have made for myself to achieve this year.  Some not too bad, and some not good at all. My "word" for 2015 LOGOS365 is LOVE. I still need to work on that one...and I do know that this is a life long thing to grow into. I do strive to change my thinking and attitude on a daily basis of how love looks and what love does in me and through me. My Love page for June is just a cute fun page with a simple, but deep message for me to remember. "put on LOVE which is the perfect bond of unity" taken from Colossians 3:14.

June's theme was Family. The first week started at the in Genesis. God created man in His image. He created the first family. One of the things that I have been striving to remember while growing in love this year is that each person (whether they accept it or not) is an Image bearer. This page in my art journal is collaged with faces and the words, "God created man in His image." and "Each one an Image bearer." I want to get to the point that my first reaction when meeting a person is one of recognizing that this person is an Image bearer and one whom Jesus died for, not a preconceived notion or a reaction to what that person might have done or not done.

Week 2 was the Family that is God or the Trinity. We learned that God has always been a relationship within the godhead. I used a Celtic trinity symbol and words from the song "I Believe" for my journal page with the colors of purple and gold.

The third week in June our study was about God being our Father. The scripture I used to help me remember this lesson is Psalm 103:11-14. One of my favorite Psalms. I used Gelatos, gesso and a flower stencil for this page with a few extra flowers for fun.

And lastly, week 4 we studied about the family that we are in as part of God's Kingdom...the church.  Here lately, the church in general seems to get some bad publicity. Some is actually earned from the way some act toward others, and some comes from an agenda that seems to want to put a one size fits all label on us. Often I don't want to claim some groups that call themselves "Christian" as family, that is not what the verse I used is telling me....each member belongs to all the others. I used gesso and watercolor crayons to made multicolored circles on cardstock and glued on to a tree to symbolize one body with many parts all belonging to one another.

Many blessings to you.

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Diane said...

love your faithart and your heart for God!


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