Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitsteel - Handforged by Kirsten Skiles

I remember, as a child, reading stories about blacksmiths making horseshoes and various tools . In my little girl mind I envisioned a person who worked with metals as a big guy who pounded steel and iron into shape. I can remember at a young age standing and watching a blacksmith working. It must have been at the county fair. This person wasn't large and he wasn't making horseshoes. He was making lovely graceful wall sconces and hooks. I love when our preconceptions are jolted into change!

I'd like to introduce you to a lovely artist whose work literally takes my breath away. I came across Kirsten's Etsy shop a couple of months after I joined Etsy. I loved her crosses which were elegant, rugged and very powerful! Her leaves so lifelike and beautiful and the tools she creates for other artist to use have these lovely simple lines that somehow call me to pick them up and do something. Kirsten lives in Wisconsin with her family. Here is an excerpt from her Etsy Bio.

"Kirsten Skiles is an Artist Blacksmith and Jeweler creating nature themed romantic home decor and jewelry.

Kirsten has taught at a number of well known craft schools, including Touchstone School of Crafts, John C. Campbell Folk School and Appalachian Center for Crafts.

She has exhibited both nationally and abroad. As a self-employed artist she works frequently on commissions for private residences through interior designers, architects, and other blacksmiths."

Here are some of the lovely items you will find to purchase in Kirsten's Etsy shop, Knitsteel.

This piece is my favorite in Kirsten's shop right now!!
Hand Hammered Sterling Silver Ginkgo Leaf Pendant No. 2

And this beautiful Grape Leaf Trio - wall art

Kirsten also does commission work. I had such a hard time choosing what two pictures of Kirsten's commission work to share! They are all so amazing!! I implore you to take some time and go look at Kirsten's Flickr site.

Copper Angelic Lectern
a commission piece for the Trinity Lutheran Church in La Crosse, WI

If you would like to know more about Kirsten Skiles and her work please visit her blog Hand Forged by Kirsten Skiles. To see more of Kirsten's work visit her Flickr site. And to buy Kirsten's lovely work you may browse in her Etsy shop, Knitsteel.

Blessings, ZudaGay


knitsteel said...

Thank you so much! You really are a talented writer. It's a joy to be featured here.

Sixsisters said...

A great job Zuda. Thanks for introducing me to a wonderful artist. I am very impressed by her work.

Dayna said...

Zuda - Kirsten is an awesome woman isn't she?

liv said...

Kirsten's work is gorgeous. You did a wonderful job introducing her.

Judy Nolan said...

Incredible work! I have family in Wisconsin...I really need to stop at Trinity Lutheran to see this lectern in person. Thank you for writing about such an interesting artist.

Xanthe said...

Wow! so much talent! I have one of Kirsten's bird brooches and I love it!
Thanx for writing about her.

Jean Levert Hood said...

What gorgeous work! I love the ginkgo leaf.

Dawn said...

Ach...I have family that attends Trinty! What a small world. I might have to check it out when I'm visiting in June.

Precious Quilts said...

Zuda, thank you for telling us about Kirsten Skiles - her work is outstanding. I especially like the Ginko pendant.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.


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