Monday, February 4, 2008

Alis Clair Art - Bright and Colourful

One of the first people I became acquainted with when I joined Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team at Etsy is Alis. Alis is a multi media artist who lives in UK. I believe Alis can create beautiful things from just about anything!!! One of the things that draws me to Alis's work is her masterful use of color. I love her color choices and blends and contrasts, they are a delight to my eyes!!

This piece sold some time ago, but I just had to include it in this feature as I think it is one of my favorite Alis Clair Art work.
There's a Sunflower in my Garden

This is what Alis says in her profile in her Etsy shop:

"Hi I'm Alis, just made 50 and loving it.

Living on the North Devon coast I have inspiration all around me in the colours and textures that I see everyday.

I enjoy playing with all sorts of materials - fabric, paper, beads and anything else I find in my stash!

I try to make sure that all my pieces have the attention to detail necessary to make them special.
I also hope my love of bright colours and textures shines through in my work."

I love flowers and this one is so sweet!!!

The colors in this piece are just so yummy!!!

This mini quilt is lovely with a Victorian woman showing off her flowers.
Sunny Day: Mini Art Quilt ZNE

I love the colors and shimmer as this adorable star flashes through the night sky.

Please take a bit of time and browse through Alis Clair Art Shop and enjoy the colors and moods and lovely art work of this very special artist! Also you can read her very enjoyable blog: Alis Clair

blessings, ZudaGay


Alis said...

Zuda, Thank you so much for featuring me. You made my day ;0)
Big hugs, Alis

Melissa Markham said...

Hey Zuda,

I wanted to say thanks again for letting me offer one of your items as a prize during the giveaway last week. My drawing is set for this Wednesday evening. Did you go read any of the comments? There were some great ones about your work! Just visit my blog, scroll down a little for contests and click on yours to read what people are saying about what you do!

Jill Smith said...

I love the colourfull victorian lady, its beautiful, l am crazy for bright colours, even got scarlet hair and in this miserable month in the UK we nead some colour to brighten us up,

Beth said...

What a lovely article and I agree, Alis is very talented and her work is just georgous.

joonbeam said...

Thank you, Zuda, for this lovely article on a lovely artist. I am just meeting Alis and am so happy she is back! Love the pieces you featured. I am lucky to know you both. ox joon

Chauncey said...

Alis is a fabulous artist and you did a lovely job of featuring her, Zuda.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely selection of items from Alis. You did a wonderful job in sharing her talents with us!

Judy Nolan
JN Originals

Jean Levert Hood said...

Her work is so very amazing. I just love them all, but my favorite is Sunset. It's just awesome!

eversodear said...

Thank you for doing an article about Alis! Her work is so lively, thank you for telling us more about her! :)

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