Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Band of Brooches

For a change I am going to show just brooches instead of pendants. They are a bit different style than most of my pendants as they have a cabochon that I surrounded with a bezel....all polymer clay. I get in a cab mood every so often and make up a bunch of cabochons then they sit in baggies until I decide to make something with them. These represent a time that I was really experimenting with faux stones. In this batch we have a couple of faux ivory, a faux opal, turquois and um...a..... I have no idea what it is stone. Most of them still have the flowers and leaves that I just can't seem to stop making. I hope you enjoy this little change.


This brooch has a new home.

This brooch has a new home........


mcewen said...

Best wishes

WendiWinn said...

wow. you've some gorgeous items! and that etsy mini of yours is one of the most beautiful i've seen!

L said...

These are really pretty! I'm gonna have to check out our shop.

~ Melody ~ said...

Hey, the post is up at WE
with a sidebar link, too. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful creations with my readers and participants.

I'll be post their weekly prompt tonight. And further encouraging them to visit you. :)

Kari & Kijsa said...

Oh- these are beautiful! Can't wait to check back and see all of your wonderful creations!


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