Friday, August 31, 2007

The End Of August

I was telling our little E that today is the last day of August and tomorrow is the first day of September. I don't think he quite got what I was telling him so I went on to tell him that fall was coming when the leaves turn colors and fall from the trees. He remembers jumping in piles of leaves and seemed excited about that prospect. His favorite thing to do right now is for us to go to the Methodist Church's paved parking lot, in the next block, so he can ride his Big Wheel. The lot has a half circle sidewalk attached to it with a bit of a hill. He rides his trike up the little hill and then pauses then takes off as fast as he can down the hill and skids on the pea gravel in the alley that runs along the side of the paved lot. I don't know about Papa, but it scares Gramma just a little bit!

Jessica, the girls and baby A came over after everyone was home from school. Little M wanted to play with little E and they got into a couple of fights. Maybe that is the way 4 and 5 year olds play. But I got to sit and hold our sweet baby A, so all was well with me.

For my show and tell today I am showing a bright and happy flower pendant that I haven't listed yet. I like it, but I'm not thrilled with it so if anyone who happens to be reading this would take a second and tell me what you think about it, I would appreciate it!
blessings, ZudaGay


melody is slurping life said...

In our old neighborhood the best place for our boys to ride bikes was the church parking lot two blocks memories.

I adore this piece. The colors are gorgeous and the petals look so soft and touchable, almost real.

ZudaGay said...

Thank you so much, Melody! I should just put it in my shop and see what happens. It is a bit wilder than most of my pieces and I wasn't sure about it.

That is right, you all recently moved to the big city from the country. Church parking lots are a draw for anything with wheels.

Block Party Press said...

You should definitely list it. It's really beautiful and the colors look so great together!

ZudaGay said...

Thank you so much! I will list it.


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