Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Happened to Tuesday?

I have no idea where Tuesday went. All of a sudden I'm living in Wednesday. Strange how that happens!

I loved the Sunflower Pendant I listed on Monday in my Etsy shop. I guess that others did too, it ended up in two Treasuries and was sold! How cool is that? This morning I listed another leaf. A maple leaf this time. I did something a bit different, I carved the veins out with a gouge....and I didn't cut myself!!! I can be a danger to myself with sharp tools. Then I used Genesis Metallic Heat Set Oil Paint in the veins and edges. It is such a cool paint because I can use my heat gun and have instant gratification.

Our little E started Head Start on Monday. He gets to ride a little school bus to school and then he gets to ride home with his mommy who teaches the other Head Start class. So far he is excited to get on the bus. I sure hope he continues this way. I'd hate to have to make him go if he didn't want to go. I was a terrible soft touch with our girls. I imagine that they stayed home "sick" more than they actually needed to......but I liked having them home.

Well, I will end with a picture of my Maple leaf for a little taste of fall.
Blessings, ZudaGay

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