Wednesday, March 11, 2015

His Kingdom Come

To help kick start my creativity I participated in an online art journal workshop in October (I think) called Kingdom Come.  I really love the idea of multi-medium art and this workshop not only offered lessons in different mediums but was also a Bible study. :)  A win-win....and it was free at the time. I enjoyed the whole process very much.  Then in November I joined an Advent group and altered a book into an Advent art journal using a lot of what I had learned in the previous workshop as well as some things I gleaned from Youtube videos.  Gotta love the generous artists who put tutorials on Youtube! The Kingdom Come workshop creator Shonna from Twisted Figures got together with the ladies who offered the Advent studies Diane Marra from Adore Him Creations and Bernice Hopper from Newly Creative and a few other artist started a Christian artist community called His Kingdom Come. (If you are interested in learning more, you may click the "I'm a member of His Kingdom Come" button on the right)  In this community are different medium groups that a person may participate in. I am doing the year long Take Me Deeper Bible study/journal prompt group as well as I have a word that I am focusing on for 2015 in the Logos365 group. My word is LOVE.  I hope to not only create meaningful art (at least to me) throughout the year, but truly dig deeper and go deeper in my spiritual life.  Some of the pages I have done so far I have been pleased with and some - well not so much, but that is the learning process. The following two pages are my favorite ones for the month of January.  The first one is all about the grace, about the grace... Actually the theme for the week was Transform Vulnerably.

 Transform Faithfully was the theme for week 4 in January.  I looked up the flower that means faithful and it was Jasmine. I put Jasmine flowers on my page along with some lyrics from the Hymn Great Is Thy Faithfulness.

I don't really remember the supplies I used for these pages but both are put together with a variety of papers, paints, inks, stencils and stamps.

blessings, Zuda Gay

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