Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Draw, Doodle and Sketch

I love art...most any kind really. Although I focus on working with clay, and an occasional wall mural I have done many different crafts in my lifetime, I love looking at artist drawings, paintings and collage work. Here are some that I have taken joy in recently.

I decided that I wanted a sketch pad and some Micron pens for my birthday.  We had some errands to run in town (town is Quincy, IL and about 25 miles from our little village) so we made a stop at Hobby Lobby and I picked out my pad and pens. :) I can't tell you the last time I had a new sketch pad. I haven't concentrated on drawing for decades, other than the usual doodling while on the phone...or on my sermon notes. (shhhh...) I've been seeing some pictures of drawings that looked similar to my doodles and found out they were called Zentangles...how cool! So I've been tangling and here are a few examples. :) SO FUN!

I hope you enjoyed this little art show!

Blessings, Zuda Gay

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chalkboard Fun

When I was in grade school I loved to get picked to write on the chalkboard. We did spelling and math drills on the board.  Sometimes when the weather was nasty and we couldn't go out for recess we got to draw on the board.  I always loved when it was my turn for the chalkboard chores of banging the erasers and washing the board. Chalkboard items are really popular right now. You can buy chalkboard paint (or make your own) and turn any number of surfaces into chalkboards. Such fun!  I found some items from the Christian Artist Street Team on Etsy that are wonderful representatives of this fun trend.

And I've gotten in the Chalkboard making with these cute pendants. 

Chalkboard Pendant by Zuda Gay

Chalkboard Pendant - sold

These next items don't have anything to do with Chalkboards, but I want to put a plug in for a great fund raiser.  Good Neighbors Candle Shop is giving 50% from the sales of these French Lavender Soy Candles in her shop that are marked for the Purple Dress Project fund raiser to fight Crohn's Disease. They are just lovely candles and this is a terrible disease that many are struggling with, so these are a wonderful item to purchase to help others and to bring a touch of loveliness into your home.

Zuda Gay

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Won....part 3

This is the third installment featuring the shops that I received free items from the Sampler Village treasury that I won.

The first shop I want to share is Rock a Bow Baby Boutique which is owned by Shannon from Hampton Bays and features adorable girly items like headbands and hair bows.

The item that was in the box that came to my mail box was and adorable headband with a detachable bow that can be worn separately. When I opened it and showed it to my husband we agreed that it was perfect for our #3 granddaughter, McKenna. She wears a lot of green and pink and it looks adorable on her!

The second item I want to share was made by Heather from New York and the name of her Etsy shop is Sticker Brat. Heather's shop is in vacation mode at the moment because she is getting married this month. Congratulations Heather!  She let me pick the style and the color of a Vinyl Light Switch Frame Decal, so I went with something that would go well in my office. The pictures I am sharing are of my office. I followed the directions and it was very easy to do. Yay!

I painted scripture on several walls and some scroll work and thought that the decal would match very well.  I don't know if you can see the scripture on the wall above the window, but it is almost the exact same color as the light switch frame and I think it looks great! Thank you Heather!!

The last shop I want to share in this post is LaFuffie Boutique owned by Jocelyn who also is from New York. Jocelyn makes yummies....literally makes YUMMIES!! Ummm, I have to confess, that I didn't share. I really was going to share with my hubby, Danny and with grandchildren Eli and Anika...but, well...I confess, I was selfish. Jocelyn sent me four Chocolate covered Oreos.  I just have to say, if you haven't tried a chocolate covered Oreo, you really should.

Also in my box was two of these.  Just for the record, I think that white chocolate and pretzels were made for each other!

The third thing that was in my box was two chocolate covered marshmallows on sticks..so cute!

That wraps up the third installment of what I won. Did I say how much fun this was? It was great fun, I felt so pampered!

blessings, Zuda Gay

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Won...Part 2

This post features the second set of free items that showed up in my mail box from the Sampler Village treasury that I won.

The first one is from Heather who lives in Colorado. Heather's shop is Blackbird Soap Shop and features "Homemade natural soaps and body products with a bizarre twist!"  You just gotta go browse her shop. Such cool looking products with great names. I think this one would smell delightful, I love orange and clove!

This is the item I received from Heather. It smells lovely and is so luscious and creamy. Thank you, Heather!

Next up are these yummy, adorable candles from Fresh Country Candles located in Virginia. They look like little pies and smell OH SO GOOD!!! I was a little afraid that my grandchildren were going to try to eat them the way they keep smelling them. Aren't they cute?

Also in Fresh Country Candles Shop you can find tripple scented candles in a variety of scents like this one:

The third shop I want to share in this post is made by Chellsea from Massachusetts. Chellsea is a full time student and a fellow polymer clay artist who makes adorable and yummy looking miniature food items which she uses to create jewelry and little charms to decorate her small coin purses like this one she sent to me. Thank you Chellsea!!

Chellsea's shop is Forgotten Fortune by Faydust and also includes items like this ring.

The last one for now is from the Etsy shop, Whiffs of Whimsy from California, that carries bath and body products with delicious scents.  I received a bottle of bath wash that smells like I just opened a candy cane to enjoy. Thank you Whiffs of Whimsy!!

If you can't make up your mind what scent you would like to try, you can get a sampler pack of five scents including, Candy Cane, Banana Cream Pie, Oatmeal Whoopie Pie, Black Licorice, and Cherry Almond Cake.
I've enjoyed these items so much! Please check out these shops for yourselves.

blessings, Zuda Gay


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