Friday, June 11, 2010

8 Mile Creek Designs

Father's Day is coming soon so I have been keeping my eyes open for guy stuff. I found this very cool shop while chatting on the CAST team thread on Etsy the other day. 8 Mile Creek Designs is the father/daughter team of Wendell Pohl & Ruth Hawkins from Kansas. And they really do live on 8 Mile Creek! (isn't that cool? My Daddy would have loved to have been a part of a creative business venture with any one of his children) 8 Mile Creek Designs features items made with vintage auto paraphernalia such as hub caps and license plates and keys. This first hubcap clock I selected in honor of my Daddy. Daddy LOVED his Ramblers.....we owned two during my childhood, both were red and named Rosy. :)

I think using hubcaps to create clocks is a great idea!! Hubcaps are interesting and lend themselves to clock faces very well.

They not only offer clocks made with hubcaps and license plates but tail light night lights, old key magnets and frames made with license plates/tags.

Mosaic License Plate Tag Frame

If you've enjoyed seeing these great items from 8 Mile Creek Designs, you may enjoy visiting Ruth's Purple Design Studio where she offers handcrafted sterling silver & antiqued brass jewelry, display frames, handwovens & accessories for every occasion.

blessings, Zuda Gay

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lovely Lizard Art Jewelry

Actually "lovely" just doesn't quite describe it... beautiful? a bit quirky? interesting? how about gorgeously unique? I came across Lizard's Jewelry on Etsy a couple of years ago and I said "Wow!" ummmm quite a few times as I was browsing her shop. I LOVE the combination of silver and polymer clay. It is like they were made for one another. The contrast is so pleasing and satisfying. The artist who creates this amazing work is Liz Hall who lives with her husband Jeff Hall at Silverwood Farm and Studio in Virginia where they not only create their art but also opperate their pinto sporthorse breeding farm.

Silver and polymer Belt Buckle

I love how Liz uses swirls in different ways in her work. I like swirls and use them on occasion myself. :)

Go Green Stripes Silver Pendant

This heart pin may be my favorite. Red, silver, black and white is one of my favorite color combos. I love the swirls and the pearls and the way the little notches on the side are mirrored in the black and white dashes. So very visually appealing.

Silver Heart Pin with pearls and polymer

Well, maybe this one is my favorite.... Please take a moment to click on the photo which takes you to the listing, then click on the photo which will allow you to enlarge it to really see the details of this necklace. It is well worth the extra effort! This piece is designed so beautifully!!

Spring Fling silver necklace with polymer clay and gem stones

This is what Liz says about her work in her Artist Statement:
"My work combines precious metals, stones, plastics, polymers, glass or whatever object catches my eye. My designs are contemporary combining both organic and geometric forms. The majority of my pieces are pendants, necklaces and earrings, though I do occasionally make other items. My main focus in the past was fabricating metals to create my designs. In 2004 I discovered a new medium called PMC (Precious Metal Clay), which is clay like material composed of fine silver. Fine Silver is the highest quality silver, essentially 999% pure silver, as compared to the 925% silver of sterling silver. I enjoy exploring this new medium and combining it with other materials. I strive to always improve on my designs and techniques and to make jewelry that is creative, unusual, elegant and fun to wear."

Please take some time to enjoy a leisurely browse through Lizard Jewelry.

blessings, Zuda Gay


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