Friday, June 11, 2010

8 Mile Creek Designs

Father's Day is coming soon so I have been keeping my eyes open for guy stuff. I found this very cool shop while chatting on the CAST team thread on Etsy the other day. 8 Mile Creek Designs is the father/daughter team of Wendell Pohl & Ruth Hawkins from Kansas. And they really do live on 8 Mile Creek! (isn't that cool? My Daddy would have loved to have been a part of a creative business venture with any one of his children) 8 Mile Creek Designs features items made with vintage auto paraphernalia such as hub caps and license plates and keys. This first hubcap clock I selected in honor of my Daddy. Daddy LOVED his Ramblers.....we owned two during my childhood, both were red and named Rosy. :)

I think using hubcaps to create clocks is a great idea!! Hubcaps are interesting and lend themselves to clock faces very well.

They not only offer clocks made with hubcaps and license plates but tail light night lights, old key magnets and frames made with license plates/tags.

Mosaic License Plate Tag Frame

If you've enjoyed seeing these great items from 8 Mile Creek Designs, you may enjoy visiting Ruth's Purple Design Studio where she offers handcrafted sterling silver & antiqued brass jewelry, display frames, handwovens & accessories for every occasion.

blessings, Zuda Gay


Anonymous said...

hubcap clocks...what a novel son would love one of those! Thanks for sharing.

RHawkinsDesigns said...

Zuda, You are a blessing! Thank you for such a beautiful feature. ~Ruth

pfd said...

These are so cool... what guy would not love them!

ZudaGay said...

You are so welcome, Ruth!!

MYSAVIOR said...

I know that Noah was looking at them with me and he loved them. I LOVE the nightlight!!

Thank you for posting this.


nancy said...

8 Mile Creek Designs has a lot of very cool items. I like the license plate frame.

Graceful Moments said...

Those are really great upcycled items. All of these things would be great in a man cave or workshop. If both spouses are into cars, it might work for a family room too. It is so amazing what creative people can do with what we often think of as junk!
I will definitely keep 8 Mile Creek in mind. Going to ♥ her shop right now and check out Purple Design Studio. Thanks Zuda!

bed frames said...

Extra ordinary clock. I never thought that mags of a car can be a wall clock. Very intelligent, nice thinking. You have a great mind.


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