Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabulous Fairies by Donna Cooper

I came across this fabulous doll artist in the forums on Etsy while I was wasting a bit of time one day. I think we were showing off our items with roses. I clicked on the link that took me to this listing:


I love fairies!! I could live in a fantasy world...if there were such a thing. If I had patience and absolutely no need to make money from my work and the time I would try to make fairies out of clay. Ah, maybe someday. :)

Anyway....I thought, "What an adorable fairy!" I clicked on all the pictures in the listing so they would give me a larger view so I could study all the incredible details that make these dolls each an amazing work of art. The fabric selections, color combinations, the sweet hand painted faces and all the little carefully chosen delightful and magical!!

Lacey Tracey

And so as with any yummy thing, I can't devour just one!! I went on to look through Cooperdolls shop, oooing and aaahhhing over each one. I have picked out just a few of my favorites to share. I could have put every one here, but that would have just been a bit silly seeing as you all can just as easily make your way to this adorable shop and spend some time with the fairies all on your own.
Bella Fata

Doll artist, Donna Cooper lives in my home state of Illinois and has just been on Etsy since January of this year. Here is what Donna says about her doll making on her profile page: "I started hand crafting cloth dolls 2 years ago. I find them rewarding and exciting on a creative level. Each doll is unique in it's own way, and I love the hunt for the perfect embellishment to make each one special. Many hours go into the creative process for each doll, and yet as I finish each one I'm so excited to get the next one started."


Irish Beauty

I hope you've enjoy taking some time to explore Donna Cooper's Cooperdolls shop.

Blessings, Zuda Gay

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Visit To a Time of Beauty

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to time travel to another time - a gentle time - a time of lace and ribbons and buttons and bows? sigh.... The last time I checked, no one had invented a time traveling machine, but for a little while we can sip a cup of our favorite tea (I have jasmine green in my cup) open a package of those cookies we have stashed for a needful time (mmmm Pecan Sandies) and go back a few years to the Victorian Era.

Let me introduce you to the lovely Judi Brandow who is the proprietress of not one, but three beautiful Etsy shops. Let's stop first of all at the Vintage Legacy Studio where Judi offers some beautiful vintage possessions, antique pieces and nostalgic collectibles for your perusal.

Vintage Sewing Machine Drawer and Embroidered Sewing Chatelaine

Vintage Hand Mirror

For your wearing pleasure, Judi creates the most beautiful wearable art from bits of lace, velvet, silks and satins and many other delightful doodads that she finds in her studio of treasures. She offers these delightful statement necklaces and fiber art jewelry for sale in her Imaginuity Shop. I am so blessed to own one of Judi's brooches which she made with me in mind.

Turquoise N Jet Statement Bib Necklace

Versatile Statement Accessory Necklace

Lastly we will enter this sweet little shop called Pocket Comfort. This is how Judi describes this delightful shop: "At Pocket Comfort, you will discover all kinds of pockets, from pocket comfort quilts and cards, to fashionable holders in a variety of sizes and colors. Because envelopes are also pockets in their own right, I have incorporated many of my designs into greeting cards that can be easily mailed to bring comfort, joy, love, and encouragement to others as well."

Mother's Day Card - Vintage Secret Message Style

Mini Crazy Quilt - Fiber Art Card - Mother Gratitude

I hope you enjoyed our little trip to the past in the present. And, I hope you take some time as you sip your tea to browse through Judi's lovely shops and glean a little glimpse of her heart and passion. Please remember these lovely shops when you need that one special gift or a statement piece of wearable art.

blessings, ZudaGay


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