Friday, May 14, 2010

Tapestry 316

When I was a child I LOVED animals. I would bring home all kinds of strays (and some that weren't stray) to try to talk Mama into letting me keep them. "Please Mama, let me keep him?" Usually the answer was a no, but it never stopped me from trying again the next time I came across an animal I just knew needed a new home and someone to love him. I still love animals of all kinds...well not so much the slithery type, but most any with fur or feathers. I met Kathleen Golter Roeth on Christian Artist Street Team on Etsy and got to know her a bit better when we friended one another on Facebook. Kathy is a lovely artist who works in a variety of mediums which she uses to draw and paint the most delightful subjects, some who just so happen live on her farm.

Kathy's horses look like the kind of horse you would find on the TV shows I used to love to watch as a child like My Friend Flicka, Black Beauty and of course Mr. Ed. They weren't just a pet to their owners they were their friends. Kathy paints horses that look like they could be my best friend who would listen to my every thought and share adventures.

Sugar - a very pretty horse

I Want To Play - a beautiful buckskin horse

Kathy paints other farm animals with such sweet expressions that you just want to go out looking for a farm to buy.

Long Horn Cow and her calf - That's My Baby

Fiona the baby calf

The next two animals I would like to share with you are a dog and a cat. Boxers have become rather dear to me in the last few years. We have a sweet Boxer granddog named Toby. He always makes Gramma and Papa welcome to his home...and is so happy to welcome anyone who comes to visit. And this cat reminds me a little of my Rusty cat. I love cats!!

A Boxer called Diesel

Oranges Bajoranges

Kathy offers her original artwork along with very reasonably priced prints of her work in her Etsy shop, Tapestry 316. And now I leave you with a few words from Kathy's Etsy profile:

"My artwork has always been inspired by the beauty of God’s creation and by memories from my past. I remember being surrounded by family treasures as a child like the brass bell that has been rung by chubby little fingers since the 1920’s.

The present is filled with chubby fingers, too, since my daughter and son-in-law have two lovely girls and I am excitedly awaiting my third grandchild who will be adopted in the near future. Well, I hope it will be soon! Adoption sure takes a long time… and this is one impatient Grammy here – LOL!

The best part of the tapestry of my life; however, is the love that my Lord Jesus Christ has for me. Both the saving grace that He has shown me by His death on the cross and His constant presence in my life have proven over and over that He is indeed Who He says He is. "

blessings, ZudaGay


MYSAVIOR said...

A wonderful feature and the paintings are awesome. I hearted Tapestry a very long time ago because of her talent as an artist. It gives me pleasure to look in her shop.


Kathleen said...

Thank you, Zuda! What a lovely feature =) I appreciate it very much! God bless you!

Thank you, Sue, for the kind comments =)

Julie Riisnaes said...

Great interview - and beautiful paintings. I especially like the horses!

ZudaGay said...

You are so welcome, Kathy!

Sue Runyon said...

Wonderful artwork. Love looking at Kathy's work!

Graceful Moments said...

What a great post about Kathy. I love her work. She really captures the personality of her subjects.


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