Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pottery = Joy

I have this fantasy.....I would love to have my cabinets full of hand thrown/built pottery of all kinds from a lot of different talented potters from everywhere. I really LOVE pottery!!

I "met" Ceci, the wonderful artist-potter whose shop Artsielady Five Cats Studio I am featuring this week, on our Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team. (which means we are past a certain age) Ceci does some very cool things with clay and has a special affinity for Raku and here lately using real fish as molds.

Raku Fish

Raku Vase

Ceci begins her bio saying... "My birthplace and upbringing stems from the island of Oahu in Hawaii and my heritage is a mixture of Filipino, Portuguese and Chinese. The islands provide a rich blend of cultures and ethnic background from which I take my philosophical artistic approach." You can see these wonderful influences in each beautiful piece of pottery.

Earthtone Speckled Yunomi

When I browse through the ArtsieladyEtsy Shop the colors and swirls and textures of an array of beautiful glazes delight my eye's quest for color.

Red Swirl Serving Bowl

Salamander Leaf Bowl

If you enjoy beautiful pottery too, you will love taking a look through Ceci's beautiful shop!!

blessings, Zuda Gay


Jill said...

Great post, Zuda. I love Ceci's work as well as her fun personality. She's a talented lady!

heronkate said...

A wonderful blog about a very talented potter, and interesting lady, too ! I especially love her raku work!

circleinthesand said...

Ceci is definitely one of the more 'colorful' personalities on Etsy, both herself and her creations! She is awesome!!!

Julie G. said...

Great blog Zuda. I love Ceci's work, she is so talented. I love your choices from her work, all of them but especially the leaf bowl, so pretty and calming and then the fire-red bowl...that one reminds me of hot lava....very stunning.

Judi B said...

Super post about Ceci, Zuda!! I too love her work. One day it would be a delight to own some!

Christie Cottage said...

I have a weakness for pottery too :-)

I love the Raku Vase and the Red Swirl Bowl.

Ceci said...

Zuda, thank you so much for including my pottery in your blog. I was going to say work but when you're having so much really can't be work now could it! Lovin' the red too!

Tinker Pixie said...

Great post about great work! Love these swirl and leaf bowls!


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