Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bloggy Goodiness...part 2

Since I have absolutely nothing going on in my brain, I will share some things I've been touched by or have found interesting that have come from other people's brains.

Did you know how dangerous button batteries can be???  Renee shares what she has learned the hard way.  Also please pray for little Kellsey!

You never know how God might use you.  If you "listen" to that still small voice, you just may be someone's blessing or answer to prayer as Lora shares in her post my God-moment at Food Lion. Be prepared for goose-bumpies.
 OH!  You might want to take a peek at Lora's Etsy Shop, too!  Eager Hands

How to cut glass without a glass cutter...I want to try this! I wonder if I can do it without harming myself?   Cutting Glass tutorial.

One of my daughters has been providing us with Coconut oil for some time now.  A couple of months ago a friend shared a link about a doctor who was giving a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil daily to her husband who is dealing with Alzheimer's Disease and the ways it is helping him. You can check out the video and article here.  We use CO in our homemade deodorant, lotions and chapstick as well as in cooking.  It makes THE BEST popcorn!!! Here is a fun blog post with 52 uses for Coconut Oil.

Many Blessings!  Zuda Gay


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