Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Hot, Hot, Hot!

It is suppose to be in the upper 90's where I live for the rest of the week. I really don't like summer, and I really, really don't like hot! I chose some HOT items from the CAST Team to help me enjoy the heat a least a little bit. :)

I hope your eyes were delighted!

blessings, Zuda Gay


Allison Ross said...

Nice choice of "hot" items. I love Andrea T's Designs :-)

Julia Badgley said...

Good choice of colours. I'm trying to enjoy this last bit of summer while it's still here... :)

MYSAVIOR said...

Zuda - what a pleasant surprise to see my roses.
LOVE your choices. They are indicative of the coming Autumn.


ChariT said...

Those oranges are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing!

Stopping by from the CASTTEAM Midweek Blog Blitz!


Becky K. said...

I would not have thought I would ever really love orange...but over the years as my love of Autumn has grown so has my love for this color.
Beautiful!!! Your latest package is in the mail....I did it quickly as we were headed out so there is no note....just the goodies. Hugs!

Crafty Mommas said...

Great items and I agree, I am looking forward to cooler days. We had one today and I loved it!

Lizzi said...

My eyes were indeed delighted. I'm loving how everyone is so bright and happy today :-)

Angels and Everlastings said...

Those are beautiful choices!

Kelly said...

I love them and love orange. It's going to be in the 90s here too for the next two days -- that little bit of summer. I love summer and the hot weather.

ShadowCutter said...

I'm waiting for it to get back *down* to the 90's. ;-)
Lovely colors.


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