Saturday, August 15, 2009

Count Down and A Little Sculpted Leaf Tutorial

August 19th count: 994! The person who buys the 1000th item will get to choose a free item from my shop. AND....there will be a give away here.
The count down (or up) is at 990....only 10 more items sold to reach 1000!!!

This is a little tutorial for making a somewhat realistic sculpted leaf. You may make a leaf any size you like with these directions. This one is quite small, I think it ends up being less than 1/2" long. I will put these leaves on the top of a pod bead. I think they add just the right finishing touch! You will need Polymer Clay and a needle or needle tool.

Roll a smooth ball of clay. This one is about the size of a very small pea.

Place your finger on the side of the ball and roll it back and forth
to make a teardrop shape.

Flatten your teardrop into a leaf shape.

Using a needle tool make a crease down the center of the leaf.
(my needle tool is a needle that has been baked in a clay snake for a handle)

Using your needle tool make veins on one side of the leaf
with the point of the needle touching your center line and
angling with the point toward the base of the leaf.

Press veins into the other side.

A leaf with veins.
Run your needle tool down the center from point to base to make the veins line up
and to give a crease to fold the leaf so it looks realistic.

Fold the leaf on the crease and
squeeze the point then give it a little turn or twist to make it look realistic.

Finished leaf ready to decorate a bead.

The leaves are going on top of a little pod bead.

Placing the sculpted leaves on a pod bead with the needle tool.

Finished bead ready to cure.

I hope you enjoyed this little leaf tutorial. If you have any questions about it or about working with polymer clay, I am happy to help!!

blessings, ZudaGay


moonmystic said...

You make it look easy. . . :)

Jessie said...

What a great tutorial! You do make it look easy! :-) Here's a dumb question. Do you cure the bead with the that a toothpick? place, or remove it first? I'd be afraid I'd make a mess if I tried to remove the soft bead.

Thanks again for the lesson, Zuda! You know I'm a huge admirer of your work!



ZudaGay said...
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ZudaGay said...

Thank you Moonmystic! I was hoping it was easy to understand. :)

ZudaGay said...

Thank you Jessie!! Yep, I bake the bead on the toothpick and leave it on until the bead is cool. I give it a little twist as it is cooling so that it doesn't stick.

Nina Estrella said...

That is really awesome! Thank you so much, I may give it a try. Do you just bake it in the oven, and if so for how long and at what temperature. Great posting!

ZudaGay said...

Thank you Nina. The directions are on the packages of polymer clay, they are a bit different with each brand. Yes, you can bake in your oven and a little leaf like this would bake in about 20 minutes...the bead I bake for an hour.

Nina Estrella said...

Thank you, so much! I will give that a try.

Traci said...

Great tut! You make it look so simple, but I just don't know if I have the patience to make all those little leaves - lol!

Anonymous said...

Oh Zuda, your talent is remarkable and although the temptation to follow your tutorial is great, I couldn't imagine anyone making the magic you do with clay! Thanks SO much for sharing though - this was wonderful!♥

Kathy and Carrie said...

Thanks so much for the quick tutorial...I always struggle with leaves. I'm off to give it a try now..

Sixsisters said...

Thanks so much for sharing your excellent skills
with us Zuda. I will be trying it soon.

Jean Levert Hood said...

such delicate fine work, Zuda!! What care you put into each piece!

Chauncey said...

Zuda, thanks for the great peek into how you do what you do. Everything you make is so realistic looking and beautiful.

jstinson said...

Zuda, this is a great tutorial. I have been wanting to try my hand at clay for years but life keeps happening! Maybe I will be inspired by you eventually...but then, you do it so well...why should I even try! Wishing you continued prosperity on Etsy. 1000sales is quite a feat!

Yankeegirl said...

Zuda, Thanks so much for showing us how your beautiful creations come to be. Such talent and care.

Otete said...

Thank you for this great tute! The pictures are great and easy to understand. They look so realistic!

Bohemian Gypsy Goddess said...

LOVE your creations, just found your blog today via another blog, so I am a follower now :) Ciao! Barbara

Anonymous said...

not only are you a great artist, you are a wonderful instructor and generous for sharing as well. I found you from Polymer clay daily, am a fan of yours now.


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