Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blog Awards and Six Things

I feel really honored and really bad. Hehe... Quite a combination of emotions. Honored because I have received the One Lovely Blog Award from three wonderful people. And really bad because it has been a while ago and I am just now getting around to doing something about it. sigh...

At this time I am only going to do part of the award requirements and link back to those who awarded it.....and give a little feature on each. I don't have time to search out new blogs to pass the award on to right now. I'll try to get to that a bit later on.

The first one came from Vicki at Graceful Moments blog and EllieLee Etsy shop. Vicki is a painter and photographer who offers her beautiful originals and prints and photos in her shop. This is a beautiful day lily ACEO.

The second one came from Arlene at Harrison Hollow Designs blog and Harrison Hollow Designs Etsy shop. Arlene makes some fun and beautiful things from polymer clay. I just love her adorable plant pokes!

The third one came from Eugena from Polymer Clay Chameleon blog and Eugena's Creations on Etsy. Eugena is a very talented polymer clay artist. She also creates tutorials of some of her techniques. How cool is that? Steampunk is so popular right now and Eugena has made some gorgeous Steampunk Butterfly necklaces.

Arlene also tagged me for Six Silly Things That Make Me Happy meme. I've never done this one before so I am playing along. My six thing are:
1. When grandson Aaron plays my harmonica and granddaughter Anika dances. So cute!!
2. My cat Rusty. He is silly a lot! See my Rusty makes friends pictures.
3. I think the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice commercials are so funny!!
4. Watching all my grandchildren being silly. And they can be pretty silly at times!!!
5. My hubby, Danny's silly one liners...I groan, but they do make me laugh as well.
Me: "I'm going to take a shower" Danny: "Well, put it back when you are finished" Ha!
6. I know they aren't really silly, but I love Jasmine Green Tea in the mornings and I just love
handmade soaps.....simple pleasures that add a bit of happiness to my life.

May many silly things come your way to bring laughter and happiness to your day!
blessings, Zuda Gay


Diane Clancy said...

Dear Zuda,

I hope this won't stress you ... don't worry about it at all!! But I want to know more about you ...

You sure deserve awards ... it took me weeks to do this one myself.

There is a little something for you over at my blog.

~ Diane Clancy

Jean Levert Hood said...

and you blog is lovely! you are so right, it is the simple things in life! My cats make me laugh every day!

Aroma Fields said...

Well deserved awards! Your blog is beautiful and I agree that the best things in life are the silliest of things.
Thank you, Zuda, for peeking in on me and leaving your sweet comment on my blog. I hope to have my Etsy shop up and running by the holiday season. Thanks again!


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