Friday, March 27, 2009

Lisa Pavelka Tools

It seems like the big thing right now is Facebook. I really didn't know what to expect when I joined. My hubby, Danny, joined about six months before I did. Then both daughters joined. Quite a few of my team mates from the Etsy street team BBEST were talking about friending each other. So I broke down and joined. I am having the best time!! I can keep up with fellow Etsians, friends from school and childhood and family who live far away and those three blocks away.
A few weeks ago another polymer clay artist invited me to be her friend, on her friend list was polymer clay celebrity, Lisa Pavelka. I've never been one for being a celebrity hound, but I thought I would invite her to be my friend and if she didn't want to, that was fine. One of the quirks of being friends is that you get to view one another's profile. As I was looking at Lisa's profile page I clicked on the link to her webpage. I hadn't visited it for sometime and she has redone it. In her store are some really cool tools that Lisa has developed. I love tools!!! I rarely buy any, but I do lust for them. Then... I just received an email announcing a blog giveaway for guess what?............Lisa Pavelka tools and video!! How cool is that? :) I know that my chance to win goes down with the more people who enter the giveaway, but I also get more chances to win by announcing it on my blog.....hence this post. hehehe... For your chance to win these great tools, go to Fave Crafts Blog for their Product Review and Giveaway.

blessings, ZudaGay


Jean Levert Hood said...

I joined in December, I believe, and I love it!! I hope you win, Zuda!

Vicky Guile said...

Hi Zudagay, there is an award for you on my blog, love your work! Vicky xxx

Moondoonie said...

Facebook is an interesting way to keep up with existing friends and meet new ones. It can be a powerful tool for your personal like and business alike.

Louise HIll said...

I just joined Facebook last week...I guess it was about time.

ZudaGay, I love your work so much, the flowers are gorgeous!!! Every time I see them I can't get enough.


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