Monday, February 16, 2009

Featured Artists and A Giveaway

I have three wonderful Etsy shops that I would like for you to take a look at. Each one is different, but each of these artisans creates with love and passion and it shows so beautifully in each and every item.

The first shop is my friend Sharon's shop, Mana Moon. Sharon is a wonderful jewelry designer and I am so honored that she uses some of my beads in her amazing creations. No matter the type of beads Sharon chooses to use, her jewelry is beautifully made and always a work of art!! You may like to read Sharon's blog Mana Moon Studios. And check out her other online shop at Mana Moon You may also check out her graphic design shop for banners and avitars and all manner of lovely things to use in your online life at Mana Moon Studios on Etsy.

This next shop belongs to Kym whose shop is Kimbuktu. Kym creates beautiful quilts and quilted bags with her amazing color sense. Every single piece of fabric is just the perfect choice. I can sit and look through her shop over and over and my eyes are always delighted. If you would like to see more of Kym, you can check out her website and her second Etsy shop Paper Paraphernalia.

I would love to own a wire cross from Les & TC Cunningham of Totally Crosses. I think they would make a thoughtful wedding or anniversary gift!! There is just something so extra special about these crosses! You can just tell as you look at them , that love goes in to creating each loop of the wire. You can see more of TC's work at their website Totally


Now we are getting to the giveaway part!! I'm offering a giveaway of one of my newest style brooches. This brooch has a touch of lace decorated with leaves and of course a flower. All you have to do for a chance to receive this brooch is....visit the shops I have listed then tell me your favorite item from one of them by leaving a comment to this post. sure to leave a way I can contact you if you win!!! I will pick a winner by random drawing at 8:00 pm CST on Tuesday, February 24th.


Chauncey said...

oh zuda, nice giveaway and three great shops. I liked looking through them. From Manna Moon I think that Pretty in Pink bracelet is gorgeous. I also looked in Kyms shop and think those little coin purses are adorable. after that... I checked in Totally Crosses and found the piece you selected "Shabby chic" was my favorite too. Good luck with your contest!

treasurefield said...

Ooooo.... Gorgeous! All of it!

I adore Kimbuktu's "Stepanie" messenger bag
and manamoon's "Caramel Lace"
and the "Forgiven" cross by TotallyCrosses.
(Among others!)

Great eye candy, and somebody's going to be a happy winner. Hope it's me. hehe!
^_^ Thanks for the chance!
Alisa R.

treasurefield said...

p.s. contact me any time @ mrstreasurefield at gmail dot com

heronkate said...

Hi Zuda, great blog and giveaway. All the shops you pucked have wonderful items !!
Here's my very favorite:
It's from Totally crosses.

thewildhare said...

Wow, I couldn't choose a single favorite. So, from Mana Moon, I simply LOVEd her Tangerine Dream - From Kimbuktu (one of my favorite shops too), I adore the Marie Quilted Bag - Feel free, dear Zuda, to send it my way anytime. ;)

And then, from Totally Crosses (WOW, what a shop!) I loved the Rusty Treasure Pieces, especially this shop - Rusty Treasure Beaded Cross -

Thanks for the opportunity and for sharing some great shops with us!

gloria said...

now this is a hard one! my favorite is:
mana moon
listing #18203403
Plumeria Passion

Beth said...

Loved all the shops you featured. In Manamoon I love the pretty in pink bracelet. In Kimbuktu, her Christie quilted bag is my fav. and in Totallycrosses, her rusty cross is awesome.
Thanks for having this fun giveaway and hope I win, I love your new brooches.

The Filigree Garden said...

My favorite from Mana Moon is Lakeside Demur (love the colors). From Kimbuktu I like the one you featured, the Christie bag. And from TotallyCrosses, the little copper Holy Spirit Bookmark is lovely. Plus your brooch is beautiful!

Sixsisters said...

My fav from Mana Moon is the Arctic bracelet !

My fav from Kym is the Stephanie Messenger bag.

My fav from Totally Crosses is the Rustic Nail Cross.

Thanks for introducing us to these new shops !

Cherry's Creations said...

I love the refigerator magnet cross with the red heart from Totally Crosses, they have so many great choices!

noahslandingart said...

What lovely items to choose from and what an amazing giveaway! It's hard to choose a favorite from these wonderful artists but here goes...

From Totally Crosses: Rustic Personalized Cross

Mana Moon: Caramel Lace Bracelet

Kimbuktu: Quilted Place Mats

Your work is absolutely beautiful!!!

You can contact me by convo at:

joonbeam said...

Zuda, what a lovely post and idea. Thank you for introducing three friends' shops. They all make beautiful art. I chose Rusty Treasure Beads Cross from Totally Crosses as one of my favorites. I love your new work and I hope I will get lucky. ox madi joon to you :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Zuda what a wonderful feature and giveaway you're holding and thank you so much for including my work among your selections.

You know first hand what an honor it is for me to frame your gorgeous work in my jewelry. In all my travels and experiences with beading artists, yours' are by far the most exquisite and elegant beads I have had the pleasure of working with.

Since I already own one of your gorgeous brooches I will forgo entering my name in the giveaway and leave that spot open for another but I'll certainly stop by and visit these other wonderful shops you've listed.

Best of luck to all the entries!

Precious Quilts said...

What a wonderful way to promote some amazing shops and what an incentive!!!!
Where do I begin, it is so hard!
From Mana Moon: I love the Caramel Lace bracelet, very elegant
From Kimbuktu: The Stephanie Messenger bag in Kaffe Fasset Lotus Leaf print is so pretty
From Totallycrosses: since I love to read so the Mini copper Holy Spirit boook marker would be just the ticket!
Tuesday, could be my lucky day????

Debbie said...

Rustic Nail Wall Cross from Totaly Crosses.
From Kimbuktu's shop I love Marie Pieced, Quilted and Beaded Bag.
Arctic Treasure from manamoon.

~*~Pearl~*~ said...

Oh I love these shops!!!!

My fav are
Midnight Meadow's Treasure
Faith Quilted and Beaded Patchwork Bag
Heart Wall Cross

Matic Studio said...

OOh, I love the How I Love Thee necklace from Mana Moon:

This has always been my fave from Totally Crosses- Forgiven
It reminds me that I have been bought and paid for and that I AM, INDEED, FORGIVEN! When Satan reminds me of my past, I simply remind him of his FUTURE!

ANd last but not least, this is my fave from Kimbuktu (she has always been an inspiration to me with her quilting!) Woodland Blooms Cotton Crib Quilt:

What a fun way to feature favorite sellers AND do a giveaway! Thanks Zuda!

Matic Studio said...

oh, and you can convo in my shop at


Catherine said...

Sharon of Manamoon has just sent me your way! I love her work - so beautiful and I do actually own one of her bracelets with one of your floweres on it!!

Anyway, from Sharon's shop I particularly love her Caspian Tide necklace and Truth Be Told bracelet, at the moment.

From Kimbuktu's shop (great name!) I just love her Marie Pieced Quilted and Beaded Bag. The beading is such a lovely touch!

From Totally Crosses I really like their little bookmarks! They're so sweet and your favourite cross too.

Thank you for directing me to some lovely shops!

Dena said...

Zuda, this is a great way to feature wonderful artists and have a chance to win one of your beautiful creations. From ManaMoon's shop, I like Pretty In Pink. From Kimbuktu's shop I like the blue scripture quilt. From TotallyCrosses I like the Shabby Chic Beaded cross.

Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping to win your fabulous brooch.
Hugs, Dena

SunShineandLaughter said...

Beautiful work you are featuring, and a wonderful giveaway!

My favorite is Midnight Meadow's Treasures by manamoon. The colors are gorgeous!

My fav from kimbuktu is the baby scripture quilt:

My fav from TC is the rusty treasures cross:

I can be reached at my etsy shop, SunShineandLaughter or at

ZudaGay said...

This is from Nonnie, she couldn't get the her comment to work...

My favorites?
Mana Moon - Liane's Tears
Kimbuktu - Baby Scripture Quilt
Crosses - The Seven "I Am" Crosses w/I am the Light of the World.
Lovely, Zuda!

Jean Levert Hood said...

I've loved Kym's work since I first found the great BBEST team. The work of Mana Moon Studios and Totally Crosses is a wonderful discovery for me!!

This is an item of Kym's that is awesome!!

MagdaleneJewels said...

You choose some great artists to write about in your blog. I am definitely a fan of Manamoon's art (love your designs on her bracelets) this one is my favorite of hers
I love Kym's baby quilt
Thank you for introducing Total Crosses - did not know of her shop until now - I love this cross:

Thanks for sharing the works of these artists!

holmescraft said...

Such a wonderful way to promote other artists!
from Kimbuktu, I really liked her Marie beaded handbag and her Crayon Forest placemats

from Mana Moon--so hard to pick one but really liked her Serenity bracelet

from Totally Crosses--I absolutely Love them ALL!! But then, I've been wanting one of her crosses for some time. I would take any of them, but if I had to choose just one then I really like the message of 'forgiven' with the three nails.

Your clay work is just stunning. I really love leaves too! Thank you for doing this promotion for 3 terrific artists!

I can be reached at holmescraft, or

FabricsNQuilts said...

Wonderful featured shops! I just wanted to let you know that I love the 3 shops you have chosen to feature! Have a great giveaway!

ZudaGay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RockerJewlz said...

Wow...Totally Crosses is awesome. I especially like the Full Armor of God style cross.

hibiscus said...

Hi Zuda,
How fun, I love looking around at sites that I have not seen! On Mana Moon Studios my favorite is Plumrose Passion, (and many many more, really hard to pick). On kimbuktu's shop, I really liked the Marie Pieced Quilted Beaded Bag, just lovely!! On Totally Crosses, I loved the shabby chic one but I also loved the little easter egg crosses, she does great great wire work.

Thanks again Elsie,


William said...

PlumRose Passion at Mana Moon studios was awesome. So much to choose, so little time and money.
Thanks, Bill

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a wonderful challenge!

From ManaMoon I like the Orient Mist bracelet (long time fan of her beautiful creations)

From Kimbuktu I like the Karen Quilted and Beaded bag (awesome patchwork!)

And from Totally Crosses I also like the Rusty Treasure Beads Cross (very hard to choose just one!) and if I have to choose just one, this is it - my overall favorite!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate for the brooch!

April (zbadrex)

Marianna said...

oh wow that it is so hard to choose a favorite! I have to say thought that my dear friend Sharon's wire wrapped bangles with oneof your fabulous flowers as the focal are too stunning to pass up.

I love your new brooch style and the beautiful detail in all of your pieces!

Anonymous said...

The first site didn't have anything listed.

The second site I liked the Kim Quilted and Beaded Patchwork Bag in Basic Grey Urban Couture.

The third site I liked the Mini Copper Holy Spirit Bookmark.

Thanks for bringing these sites to my attention.

b (dot)werts (at) sbcglobal (dot) net


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