Friday, May 30, 2008

First Annual Anniversary Contest

Hehehe, my title tickles me! You always see fifth annual or tenth annual, but they had to begin at first, didn't they? May 24 was the first anniversary of my Etsy shop. I am having a 10% off sale until 11 pm EST May 31. That is the first phase of my celebration and thank you to my customers. The next phase is what you are reading about right now! WOOHOO!!! I am giving away this ACEO titled "Family".

The next give away is a custom designed Flower Pendant on a cord or ribbon. You will say size, shape of petals, color scheme and if you prefer a wire bail or a focal bead style.

Also, anyone who leaves a comment on this post is entitled to a 20% discount until 11 pm EST, June 7th. Just write bloggy discount in your message to seller, don't hit the pay button and I will send a revised invoice. Or....convo me to tell me what you want to buy and I will revise the listing and put Reserved for you in the title.

What do you do??? Leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite flower. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.....make sure you leave a way for me to contact you. Some blogger profiles are private and they don't tell me a thing. I hate drawing a number and finding that I have no way of contacting that makes me sad! I will draw the winners on Sunday, June 8 at Noon CST using a random number generator.

I want to thank everyone who has made this year totally amazing for me. First of all to God who has blessed my efforts and has provided for us in some very imaginative ways. To all my are the best customers....EVER!!! And last but certainly not least, thank you to all the wonderful friends I have made this year - especially the BBEST team who laugh, cry, encourage, bully, dance and share their chocolate every day.

blessings, ZudaGay


Sixsisters said...

Happy Anniversary Zuda !
You have blessed us too with your friendship and
sense of humor.
My favorite flower is a lilac. Joan:)

Beth said...

Hi Zuda, Happy 1st year and many more successful years ahead for you. My favorite flower is a Dahlia at the moment. Changes all the time.
Thanks and I hope I win.

Dayna said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! God has truly blessed you with a special gift. Thank you for sharing it with us all.
My favorite flower for years was a simple daisy but it the past oh so many years it has been a yellow lily.

Kara Lennox said...

Howdy, Zuda! Love the "Family" ACEO. I love birds.

My favorite flower ... hmmm. I guess it would have to be an iris.

You can contact me on Etsy--"memopause" shop name.

Beautiful stuff!

Liz said...

Hi Zuda! Congratulations on your anniversary!!!

My favourite flower is a freesia because of the wonderful smell. It was my Nan's too.

Alis said...

Yay, Congratulations Zuda. Great blog.

My favourite flower at the moment is Clematis. I have one bobbing its little head at me as we speak ;0)

Laura said...

Ooooooo...I love all of your stuff! I guess my fav is tahiti teal? I wore my golden dust one today. It's so hard to say which is my favorite, because I love them all!

Laura (sharino11)

Jean Levert Hood said...

I wasn't sure if you mean "my" favorite flower, or my favorite of the flowers on your website. I don't think they'll give me enough room to list my favorite flowers, but, Ok, I'll go with dasies and Iris.

Of your flowers, I will go with the pink waterlily (aceo).

Precious Quilts said...

Zuda, it is you we should thank for your wonderful sense of humour, kindness, generosity... I could go on but I want to spare your blushes!!!

My favourite flower? I guess the orchid because it is so strong, delicate and diverse.
Pat (PQ)

Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry artisan said...
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Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry artisan said...

Happy 1st Anniversary Zuda!!
What an amazing year you have had!
Over 400 sales!!! plus you're in a book!! God has certainly blessed you with an abundance of talents; & we have been blessed by knowing you!
oh favorite flower ~ so difficult to select only one . the rose and the daffodil :)

joonbeam said...

Hi Zuda and congratulations on your anniversary and your first annual! I am so glad we met. You were one of the first bbesters to befriend me and will always be special to me. I love your creations. My favorite flower is a lilac followed closely by roses, pansies (& johnny jump ups) and peonies. Is that too many? I am a bit of a flower freak. :) ox madi joon

Liv said...

Zuda, Happy Anniversary! May you enjoy many creative years ahead. Your work is just so beautiful. I LOVE your new "Family" piece. You definitely have a gift for what you do.

It's tough to choose a favorite flower. I like them all! How about violets since they are popping up like mad in my yard this year.

jstinson said...

Dear Zuda, Congratulations on your first anniversary! I wish you many more successful years of creating your wonderful art! I sure hope that random generator likes me! LOL. My favorite flower is the one I'm viewing at the time! It is just like trying to pick a favorite in your store...impossible! Again, best wishes for a successful year number 2!

Dawn said...

First let me say, Congratulations!
Then let me add, it was noice to check your blog and find a new post!

My favorite flower is the peony, pale pink. I had them across the back of the house in South Bend and tried to transplant them here. They have yet to bloom (3 years later) but I'm holding out hope.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Congratulations Zuda! One year, how time flies!! I think your ACEO is really sweet. What a lot of work you put into it.

My favorite flower is the Star Gazer Lily. The scent is amazing and it is such a gorgeous flower to look at!

rosepostcards said...

Congratulations on your anniversay. How quickly time flies. My favorite flower is the tulip. Not only is it beautiful, but it heralds the coming of spring and the rest of the beautiful flowers.


AltheaP said...

Happy Day, ZudaGay! You are such a bonus to the bbest group!

I love columbine and wisteria and lilacs . . . and simple iris . . . and climbing roses . . . aren't they all just lovely?

Bunny B said...

Woohoo!! Happy Anniversary :) I love Lilies! They're beautiful! Thanks so much for the chance :)

bunnybox9 at gmail . com

Melissa Markham said...

Congrats on your first anniversary! I love lilacs, carnations, roses...

Chauncey said...

Zuda, A very Happy Anniversary to you. We are all better for having met you. My fav flowers are the tulip, peony or hydranga.

Here's to another great year. May you enjoy it with great success, happiness and lets not forget. good health.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Zuda,

Wow - the Family is amazing!!! You are such a talented and gifted artist - I love your work!!

My favorite flowers tend to be roses and violets ... traditional ... but that water lily one you did - I LOVE that!!!

Happy anniversary!! And the BBEST to you!!

~ Diane Clancy

Judy Nolan said...

Congrats, Zuda, on such a successful first year. This post, like all of your work, blooms with your enthusiasm and creativity. Love that "Family" ACEO!--Judy Nolan (JN Originals)

Pippa said...

Happy Anniversary To Yoooou *sings*

Congratulation Zuda - I have just discovered your blog today, and now I know what I have been missing! It is now bookmarked so I will not miss it again!

My favourite flower is.....hmmm....the daisy!

Congratulations again!

Carla said...

Hi, Congrats on your first year:) I saw your work in a treasury yesturday and put you as a favorite. You do fabulous work!! You said to put down my favorite flower, that is hard because I love flowers, but if you said color, Purple.
I wish you all the luck in the next year!


GrandmasPillowsPlus said...

Great work! I'm a Christian too, so blessings to you! My favorite flower is a rose, ANY color except black!
I love roses and draw them all the time on envelopes and cards that I give out! They're very cool as a flower...and so universal, speaking across all languages!
Your work is beautiful, and your ACEO's are really nice too. Maybe some day I'll try one!

Mrsfatface said...

Hi Zuda! Congratulations on your wonderful year! My favorite flower is Bird of Paradise or I love the Gerber Daisy. Also love your family ACEO!

~*~Pearl~*~ said...

WooHooo!!! Congrats on your first anniversary! I love daisy’s best of all

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just love your work! Congratulations on your 1 yr anny!
My favorite flower is a Pansy. They make me think of when I was a child watching Alice in Wonderland!


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