Monday, November 19, 2007

7 Random Things

I have been trying to come up with something to write for what....two weeks now!!! My lovely BBEST friend Marion at Art Mixter tagged me to do the 7 random things meme and gave me a kick start on a post. I did a random meme before, so I will try to come up with different randomness than before......if I could only remember what random things I wrote about before. Here are the rules:

1. link to the person who tagged you: Marion 2. Post the rules. 3. List seven random things about yourself. (see below) 4. Tag seven random people 5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

If I can come up with seven people who haven't done this recently, I'll tag them.

Seven Random Things About Zuda Gay:
1. My favorite way to eat ice cream is to chop up Reece's Peanut Butter Cups and mix them into vanilla ice cream.

2. I love to listen to old standards and big band style music.

3. I make my own boxes for shipping out of any single walled box I can get my hands on.

4. A lady my Mama sewed for offered my Mama $100 for a painting I did in 4th grade that was hanging on the wall next to the sewing machine. Mama wouldn't sell it....I have no idea what happened to that painting.

5. When I was a child I picked the blossoms off of the apricot tree in the back yard, put them in my saucer sled and carried it around the neighborhood trying to sell them.

6. I was always trying to figure out a way to make some money....I have no idea why. I had everything I could possibly need or want.

7. The song SNOW from White Christmas is playing on the holiday music channel on TV reminds me that my favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas. I love it!!!!

Blessings, ZudaGay


Maddy said...

Well I'm glad that someone recognized your talents from such an early age.
Best wishes

Nicole said...

i always find it interesting to read new little tidbits about my bloggy friends. :-)

just stopped by to wish you a joyous holiday season. i recently listed a free calendar download on my blog if you're interested in checking it out!


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